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Top 3 Reasons coaches are engaged:

  1. Develop High Potentials or facilitate transition
  2. Act as a sounding board
  3. Address derailing behavior


How much it costs:

$500 – median cost for Coaching


Is coaching personal?

76 % of time Coaches assisted executives with personal issues?


SOURCE:  International Coach Federation (ICF) – 2010 Global Awareness Consumer Study by ICF.

Forbes Columnist Forecasts Coaching as a Top Personal Branding Trend for 2015

December 2, 2014

Professional coaching is featured in a Forbes column forecasting the top personal branding trends for 2015.
In his December 2, 2014, column, titled “The Hottest Personal Branding Trends That Will Impact Your Success in 2015,” branding expert William Arruda writes that professional coaching is a worthwhile investment for individuals at all levels of an organization—not just those in the C-suite.

“Because companies continue to do more with less, they need every employee engaged and are relying on coaches to help develop talent to drive results. … Embrace coaching now—in yourself and in your team members—to advance your brand.”
Arruda also describes the trend toward hiring coaches who meet high standards of training and professional practice, as evidenced by coaching credentials and membership in professional organizations.

The column includes a quote from ICF CEO/Executive Director Magdalena Mook.
Arruda, who writes a regular column for Forbes and will soon launch his third book, Personal Branding for Coaches, is the host of the 2015 ICF Business Development Series, February 10 – 26, 2015.

Source ICF


Education ( Save your $100,000 )

Elite                  ashraf

Elite Coaching geared
towards Higher

What is coaching? Coaching is about helping people go further in life, and allowing them to find the answers from within.  It does not tell you what to do or what not to do. The  Elite Coaching model is unique as it looks at things in a very simple way allowing clients to reach their big dreams in baby steps.

A student might come with his/her agenda to do a masters degree in a certain field.  They are overwhelmed with the cost, which university and the effort required to accomplish the degree. First, it is important to validate whether the master’s degree is aligned with the client’s values; assessing the motive behind it and what the client will do with it.

We all need to talk to someone at some point to express our feelings, stressors, or confusion or to just get clear about the next step. Coaching allows for that as during several sessions the client and the coach meet face to face, or via phone to talk.

Education is a big topic that needs to be discussed.  Do you know that 80% of students who graduated from universities in the USA work in a different field and only 20% work in the chosen field. This is when the average bachelor’s degree costs around $100,000. Why should we invest the time, energy, and money for a major that is not aligned with our values, and something that we are not committed to?  The end result is unfulfilling and very costly.

Even more many families pressure their children towards a certain professional field.  Or worse yet, students are influenced by market demands, and what they think will earn them the most money. Studies show that when someone works in the field they are most passionate about they have the most economic success.  Wouldn’t it be better to first find validation in what your heart and mind are leading you to do, before you choose a university path?  This is what  Elite Coaching is all about.

By Ashraf  Marzzoka

Elite Coaching Center


Elite Coaching Courses


The Program name: Certified Professional Coach



Elite Coaching Center is approved by by ICF (International Coach Federation) for ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours)

Program Overview and Intention

The course is designed to provide you with coaching skills techniques so you can utilize in your coaching sessions rather than a lecture style mode.

Classes Style is set up to be interactive that is not limited to lecture only rather it’s dynamic so you can learn from real life experience.

This is done by presentations, hands on coaching experience, 3 ways feedback, and performance assessments.

Participant will be required to do an oral exam, Final project, quiz, and exercise, as well as exposed to deal with outside client’s issues, and case study.
After Participant passes the classes, final projects, and an oral exam a certificate will be issue of 76 hours with the ICF Recognition.

Please read more in detail in this “Certified Professional Coach Course” (PDF)