José Mª Ordovás

After having dedicated himself for more than ten years to the management of human resources departments, José María decided in 2011 to start focusing on his great vocation: helping people and organizations to develop themselves, to be masters of their destiny, to be proactive in building their future and to make sure that their vision is realized.


Previously, José María has been working as Human Resources Director for OCASO GROUP insurance company. Form 2001 to 2006 José María was the West Mediterranean Region Human Resources and Internal Communication Director at BUREAU VERITAS GROUP and Ethic Manager for the European Zone. Previously, Jose Maria has worked for ONCE (National Organization of the Blind) as Deputy HR Director, HR Project Manager and Trainer; in FOCSA (Fomento de Obras y Construcciones, today FCC) as recruiter, and Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co. (now KPMG). He has also been a member of the Board in Madrid of the Spanish Association of Personnel Management (AEDIPE).


José María has got a BA degree in Psychology (Universidad Autónoma, Madrid), a Master degree in Psychology at Work (Universidad Complutense, Madrid), a Master degree in HR Management (INSTITUTO DE EMPRESA Business School, Madrid). He is a Certified ACC coach by ICF and Co-Active Coach CPCC by the COACHES TRAINING INSTITUTE Madrid and Atlanta-GA) and business coach trained by Inspired on Demand, San José-CA (US).


In his spare time, José María loves fishing and singing. Music is his big passion, particularly choral singing. He is a member of the Chamartín Symphony Orchestra Foundation.


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Begoña de las Llanderas

Begoña de las Llanderas holds a University Degree in Communication (Universidad Complutense, Madrid) Postgraduate in Marketing (Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Certified Coach (CTI / ICF) & ORSC (CRR Global). She worked in the advertising and media industries and is considered as an excellent communicator.

During past 16 years she performed her professional career in The Boston Consulting Group, Her current focus is on Human Resources as Human Resources manager for the Business Services Team in Spain. She does selection and recruiting functions together with people’s training and development.

Begoña is a certified coactive coach (CPCC) and an organization and relational systems coach (ORSC). She has been trained on multiple methods and tools to enrich people’s development and individual or team management: Competencies HR management technics (220 hours – FES), Talent Q, Firo B–Participating in Teams, Process Communication (ProCom), Director-Coach (Institut Gestalt) Leadership and delegation skills (TMI), Motivation and Self-development. (ISAVIA), Leadership  and Team management (ISAVIA), The 4 disciplines of execution (Frankin Covey-Cegos), Communication skills (Javier Reyero, Harold Zuñiga), People’s Director (IESE-IRCO), The Coaching Game (The Coaches) and many others.

Begoña enjoys dealing with people and cultural diversity. She has traveled intensively throughout the whole world and has learned about the power of diversity. She lived in USA, Mexico and currently in Spain and has always worked in multinational environments.

For seven years, she has participated in Living Meki, a volunteering program that she founded in Meki (Ethiopia) to stimulate education and health in the region of Oromía ( and has volunteered in several other projects in India.

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Gwendolyn Jacquot

Gwendolyn is an expert in conflict and messy relationships which transform  into healthy, creative, connections!

What makes me different form all the other coaches out there?

During the last fourteen years of working in the corporate world I worked with people who were choosing behaviours and actions that damaged their relationships and work life. I was sad and frustrated that these gifted people lacked the tools and skills needed for a fulfilled life.

I have a HUGE love of learning about why people are the way they are. My curiosity and interest in people got me into lots of trouble as a child and now I have has become an expert for helping others with becoming more assertive, confident and courageous in making their decisions.  I will give you the ability to navigate the world of conflict and stressful relationships with tools and skill that will make life healthy, happy and successful. When you are true to yourself and what you want, you will be creative positive, exciting and committed relationships.

As a certified coach and mediator I inspire and motivate individuals, teams and families to become more effective and assertive in dealing with toxic communication, relationship building and conflict resolution.

So, what’s getting in your way…?

Do you find yourself struggling with…?

  • Not being effective in saying NO or delegating to others.
  • Not being able to negotiate or communicate your needs in a relationship.
  • Giving your power away to others in the relationship.
  • Finding that you are in Emotional Overwhelm when in a stressful situation

These struggles are common for all of us. Mishandled conflict can derail careers, lead to divorce and cause toxic family environments. Economic realities and the added stress of divorce or blended families will push you to the edge of your ability to cope.

Does this sound like you? Here’s how I can help change your reality!

  • Coaching can reduce the financial and litigation costs that impact organizations and families

The successful person knows what’s important to them and is able to have courage to overcome the self-limiting beliefs and often times life’s unexpected curve balls. Financial impact is reduced along with the physical stress cause to the body.  My down-to- earth style will help you to create,healthy and committed relationships.

  • Coaching can create a safe and creative space to find out what you really want in your relationships.

As a relationship expert I can help you to identify what your goals, needs and visions are. However, overcoming the fear of change and dealing with conflict is where I excel.  I am passionate about giving you the tools for freedom to be and do what you want with your life.

Conflict cannot disappear however it can be reduced and redirected into healthy and creative strategies. Through Conflict coaching you will develop the ability and means to successfully work through challenges to create positive change.  My passion is to challenge, motivate and inspire you to embrace your pivotal decisions in life with clarity and confidence.


Imagine what you could do with this kind of support!


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