Young professional to support them in finding more peace and prepare them for being mom by coaching them on their personality to prevent past negative patterns to their future child’s life.

Working with single Mom or single Dad to cope with their stress level when it comes to up bring their child “s” it makes it even harder to deal with unbalanced partner, or ex-partner or any toxics relationship that can bring a turmoil. We listen, look closely and evaluate the family situation along with kids involved and we approach in a holistic process. The outcome:

More centered, balanced, self-healed,

Less anxiety, stress, fatigue

Managing emotions, and better strategy in dealing with direct contacts


Challenges with your child “s” in the following area:

Sadness, Anger, frustration, attention, separation anxiety, and more.

Many clients have benefited from our Coaching services and have witnessed a shift in their children’s lifestyles.  Our approach is unique and holistic and addresses the individual whole life in a one-stop shop.

Coaching is not truly a different type of coaching for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Young Graduates, or Students once they enter a coaching process, as all dimensions of a person are interconnected. But many other aspects of your life can also benefit from you getting in touch with your inner values and deeper desires and of course taking action on them.

These include, among many others:

  • Couple and family life
  • Search for purpose
  • Growing through hobbies and/or voluntary work
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Spirituality
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