ICF Global Study 2020

What are the global trends in coaching as an industry?

On the whole, the Coaching Study reports:

  • global growth and a wider spread of coaching around the world;
  • significantly, a 33% increase in the number of coach practitioners (over the 2015 estimate);
  • in addition, total global revenue from coaching in 2019 is estimated at USD 2.849 billion;
  • furthermore, this revenue figure represents a 21% increase over 2015

Significantly, among managers/leaders using coaching skills:

  • not only, do they strongly agree that clients expect coaches to be certified/credentialled;
  • additionally, there has been a big rise in the number of manager/leaders using coaching skills to 55%.

Providing information across categories of coaching

Importantly, the survey is split into two categories. In summary these are: coach practitioners and manager/leaders using coaching skills.

Coach Practitioners:

  • External Coach Practitioner
  • Internal Coach Practitioner
  • Both an External and Internal Coach Practitioner

Managers/leaders using coaching skills:

  • Human resources/ Talent Development Manager/ Director who uses coaching skills
  • Manager/Leader who uses coaching skills.

Significant global statistics around manager/leaders using coaching skills include:

  • an increase of 46% in the number of manager/leaders using coaching skills;
  • interestingly, in Asia this category has more than doubled;
  • Generation X (birth years 1965 – 1981) account for 61% of manager/leaders using coaching skills;
  • whereas, 68% are female;
  • moreover, 93% have received some coach-specific training;
  • including 79% trained in programs approved/accredited by a professional coaching organisation.

How has COVID affected the coaching practice and incomes of coaches?

In June 2020 ICF and PwC launches a snapshot survey: COVID-19 and the Coaching Industry.  Significantly, the survey receives more than 10,000 responses. In fact, across 140 countries. Additionally, in less than one month.  Importantly, the results are for coach practitioners only.

The survey found for coach practitioners:

  • 49% report reduced income;
  • furthermore, 37% report a reduction in hours;
  • interestingly, 34% answer no adverse effects from the pandemic on their income and employment;
  • additionally, many coach practitioners state some combination of income and employment effects.

As a consequence of the pandemic, 25% report a significant negative impact on their coaching practice.  Furthermore, 40% state a limited negative impact. 10% report no impact.  However, 24% report that the pandemic had a positive impact.

On the whole, they are optimistic that coaching will emerge stronger from the pandemic over the next six months. Hence, 42% state ‘somewhat confident’ and 23% state ‘very confident’.

Furthermore, 46% respond they are very confident that coaching will still have a role in the organization I work for.

Indeed, 65% agree that the role of coaching within my organization will become more important.

covid 2020 ICF report

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