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Ellynor is a certified coach and team trainer who works with individuals and teams in discovering their potential. She is also an educator, holding an administrative license with a master degree in education.

Ellynor Martinez  has over 10 years of coaching experience working with leaders of businesses and educators.  Working with over 100 teams and individuals, she has a passion for collaborating with others through the change process.  Her signature style includes goal setting, developing and sustaining communication skills. She is adept at working with a variety of groups and individuals developing the skills to adapt to new situations. 

Her career in public education in Colorado, helped to develop the necessary skills required to become a successful leadership coach. Ellynor served as a school principal, Executive Director of Professional Learning and Leadership Coach to emerging school principals.  During that time she led numerous communities by establishing trusting relationships.  By engaging in learning cycles, individuals and teams developed critical thinking skills to address complex management and social issues.   

Ellynor is a member of the International Coaching Federation and holds an Associate Certified Coach credential.  She is also a Training Associate and Mentor for Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar with Thinking Collaborative. She is currently one of seventeen nationally trained scorers for the Building Ranks Comprehensive School Leaders Framework. She is an active learner and continues to expand her collaborative and coaching skills.  Areas of focus include leadership, change management and team development. 

Her goal is to partner with individuals, groups and systems in a people-centered approach to navigate change. She is committed to helping others on their journey of positive growth, healthy change with confidence and balance. 

Ellynor’s interests include traveling and snorkeling with her husband and family.  Her quest for a healthy mind and body include an active lifestyle, exercise and daily walks with the family dog.  

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