PARTNERS | Gwendolyn Jacquot

Gwendolyn is an expert in conflict and messy relationships which transform into healthy, creative, connections. She coaches and trains in English.

As a certified coach and mediator Gwendolyn JACQUOT inspires and motivates individuals, teams and families to become more effective and assertive in dealing with toxic communication, relationship building and conflict resolution. She will give you the ability to navigate the world of conflict and stressful relationships with skills that will make life healthy, happy and successful, overcoming the fear of change and giving you the tools for freedom to be and do what you want with your life.

Through the last sixteen years of working in the corporate world Gwendolyn has acquired extensive experience with management, operations and finance. She has also spent eight years working in internal investigations, workplace violence and facilitation training for loss, harassment and violent crime. This has prepared Gwendolyn well for helping her clients to open up and deal with the challenges they may face in their personal lives.

Gwendolyn holds a certification in Conflict Resolution and Mediation with the Justices Institute of British Columbia. She is also a co-active Coach (CPCC) trained through The Coaches Institute (CTI) and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

For many years Gwendolyn worked with people who were choosing behaviours and actions that damaged their relationships and work life. She was sad and frustrated that these gifted people lacked the tools and skills needed for a fulfilled life. Through her huge love of learning about why people are the way they are, Gwendolyn has turned into an expert for helping others with becoming more assertive, confident and courageous in making their decisions. Conflict cannot disappear however it can be reduced and redirected into healthy and creative strategies.