Did You Know Top 3 Reasons Coaches are Engaged – ICF Information


Top 3 Reasons coaches are engaged:

  1. Develop High Potentials or facilitate transition
  2. Act as a sounding board
  3. Address derailing behavior


How much it costs:

$500 – median cost for Coaching


Is coaching personal?

76 % of time Coaches assisted executives with personal issues?


SOURCE:  International Coach Federation (ICF) – 2010 Global Awareness Consumer Study by ICF.

Management Coaching Business Coaching in the Workplace (Video)

This video is about the value of Management Coaching or Coaching in the workplace.  Business Coach can coach not only the CEO or executives to become a better and effective manager, but coach groups or individuals (individual contributors) to become effective and find their career pathing.


The Value of Business Coaching (Video)

In this video interview, a former Google CEO Eric Shmidt talks about the value of business coaching.  While as a CEO, he was advised to get  a Business coach.  He found this to be the best advice given to him.
Watch the full interview here.