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My coaching experience with Ashraf has enabled me to discover may passion and my career in life. When we first met in 2009, I felt my career life was in disarray and I had no idea what direction I was going in. I needed to take action, but felt too overwhelmed to figure out where to start. Through various conversations and exercises, Ashraf helped me find my own path. I now enjoy a great career! I would recommend Ashraf to anyone who is committed to personal development and advancing their careers.

Ghassan Naji Art Director, Alchemy Films. Vancouver- Canada

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I am working in an International Organisation and met Ashraf by chance about a year ago.

At that time, I was running for a competitive job campaign and decided to give it a chance: 10 Weeks in advance, we have had weekly coaching sessions and then every 2 Days before the interview. I succeeded against all odds and Ashraf played more than a part.

Ashraf has this special gift that enables him to share with me the justness of his judgement and his inner confidence.

C .B Principle Supervisor European Central Bank | Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

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Working in the stock market has made me lonely and not able to figure out a pattern for my profession. I met Ashraf as I was entering our building and instantly felt that he can help me so we set up a complimentary session and we went further into a coaching process. He explained to me that he couldn’t help me in how to do well in stock market but was focused enough to find a fine line to link me with my heart “ intuition” as this was something I was not relying on much to make decisions. Thanks for Ashraf and for coaching as now I have created a system which is based on logic and intuition in regards buying or selling stocks. It was a wonderful experience !!!

Caise Hassan USA Chicago