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I gain so much from Coach Ashraf’s services, his coaching style, and deep understanding allowed me to reflect and discover what truly I needed to do.  Before that, I was stuck into my head trying to solve my challenges alone.  After our first meeting, I realized the power of coaching and how we all need someone to observe our emotions and our deep wishes.   I am so thankful that I met him. I definitely recommend his senior professional coaching to anyone who wants to explore their career path choices. You will get unexpected value in return.

Fatima Hadj

Head of EMEA CLO/Leveraged Loans| Chair of PRI SF Advisory Board | Alternative Investments Frankfurt am Main Germany

Before joining the program, I had gathered some experience by being coached on my work place and by co-leading team…

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Since I started with the program, I started to further “question” myself and my environment. I became more aware of myself and, I think, achieved personal growth and increased self-care. As for the people around me, I cut on giving advice from personal experience and began to apply as much as possible the techniques gained in the life coaching course.

The Mentor is very well trained, has an inspiring origin and way of life, knows how to impart the knowledge, what is most important in the teaching process. He is also very patient and trustful. If you want to re-examine yourself and help others to make and take the best out of them, this is a course which is worth it.

Emira Solak Senior Account Manager | Studio Marketing Sarajevo (Bosnia)

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I fell in love with the course from the very first week of taking it! I found the material very engaging and captivating and the whole program comprehensive and easy to understand. In addition, it was such great fun! After I graduated and completed the required hours I started using the tools I learned and applied it in my healing profession. To my surprise I found out that life coaching yielded faster results than healing. Clients liked the approach a lot and stuck to the plan. I highly recommend this program for those seeking personal improvements in their own lives and for those who want to take it as a career to help others through coaching. Mr. Ashraf Marzzoka is an amazing life coaching trainer. I had the privilege to take the course with him. His method and style in delivering the information is very engaging and interactive and his method in explaining ideas and concepts is outstanding.

Abeer Jabaji Homeopathy - Life Coach | Amman (Jordan)

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Mr. Marzzoka helped me tremendously in finding my inner strength and the courage to conquer whatever stands in my way. He is no wizard so there is no flicking with the magic stick 1,2,3 and away are your problems. But he is excellent in guiding you through the dark and makes you find the door to your personal fulfillment or whatever goal you aspire to reach or set for yourself. Now keep in mind tough he guides you and shows you the door, but it’s on you to have the courage and the will to go through the door. Taking action is your part, my friend.

Jerome Lichtenberg Personal Trainer Germany, Frankfurt am Main

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The training with Ashraf has been an amazing few weekends for me. Having over 30 years’ experience in the corporate world, l found the approach refreshingly new, creative, energetic and inspiring for personal change. The course covers the structure of ICF and then Ashraf layers on top some meaningful, practical and fun ways to experience coaching from the heart, with the possibility to add real value to the world.

In a word…. “tremendous”

Verner Baird Chief Information Officer (CIO), Bombardier Transportation | Berlin (Germany)

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An amazing training that helped me to grow and develop skills to better understand and help others. The kind of teaching the world certainly needs more of.

Sylvie Developer -Artist | Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

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The CPCP training had a tremendous impact on my personal development. I’m on a new journey. I’ve been inspired and empowered. Mr. Ashraf is a fantastic person, with incredible coaching skills that all group enjoyed. We felt supported and valued for our uniqueness and strengths. Thank you for the fantastic opportunity and perfect gift. I truly appreciate it! You’re doing a fantastic job!

Aida Neacsu Manager Bucharest (Romania)

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It had been almost a year when I started searching for a coaching course, I was feeling on that time that maybe would be an option to start coaching people before being a full psychologist. I was searching for a change on my life and, oh man, I got it.

I got into the ECC coaching program mainly because of Ashraf; the personality and energy that I felt the first time I meet with him was all what I needed to know that I wanted to learn coaching with him, and up to this day I keep it as one of my best choices in life.

Going through the CPCP has implicated not only learning about coaching techniques, tools and ethics; it has been also a journey where I have met incredible people and I discovered and developed myself. Wtih the help of the various exercises and assignments proposed by Ashraf, and the help of the peers, I have found not only the job that I really want to do in the future but also the vision of my life and my purpose.

I got into coaching thinking that I was going to learn some techniques and tools that will help me to have my own job, and sure I have learnt some of those, but above all I have learned that I AM the tool to help others, and all the resources and tools that I need to do it are within me.

I won’t be able to personally thank enough Ashraf and my peers for all what this course has meant to me, but I hope I will be able to give to others at least a bit of what I received

Iker del Pino Change Catalyst, Life Coach & Founder at Optima Change | Frankfurt am Main (Germany)