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It had been almost a year when I started searching for a coaching course, I was feeling on that time that maybe would be an option to start coaching people before being a full psychologist. I was searching for a change on my life and, oh man, I got it.

I got into the ECC coaching program mainly because of Ashraf; the personality and energy that I felt the first time I meet with him was all what I needed to know that I wanted to learn coaching with him, and up to this day I keep it as one of my best choices in life.

Going through the CPCP has implicated not only learning about coaching techniques, tools and ethics; it has been also a journey where I have met incredible people and I discovered and developed myself. Wtih the help of the various exercises and assignments proposed by Ashraf, and the help of the peers, I have found not only the job that I really want to do in the future but also the vision of my life and my purpose.

I got into coaching thinking that I was going to learn some techniques and tools that will help me to have my own job, and sure I have learnt some of those, but above all I have learned that I AM the tool to help others, and all the resources and tools that I need to do it are within me.

I won’t be able to personally thank enough Ashraf and my peers for all what this course has meant to me, but I hope I will be able to give to others at least a bit of what I received

Iker del Pino Change Catalyst, Life Coach & Founder at Optima Change | Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

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