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I fell in love with the course from the very first week of taking it! I found the material very engaging and captivating and the whole program comprehensive and easy to understand. In addition, it was such great fun! After I graduated and completed the required hours I started using the tools I learned and applied it in my healing profession. To my surprise I found out that life coaching yielded faster results than healing. Clients liked the approach a lot and stuck to the plan. I highly recommend this program for those seeking personal improvements in their own lives and for those who want to take it as a career to help others through coaching. Mr. Ashraf Marzzoka is an amazing life coaching trainer. I had the privilege to take the course with him. His method and style in delivering the information is very engaging and interactive and his method in explaining ideas and concepts is outstanding.

Abeer Jabaji Homeopathy - Life Coach | Amman (Jordan)

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