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What is Elite focusing on?

Attracting those who have the desire to go out of their shell, no matter where you are in your life.

Can I coach while I am in the coaching program CPCP?

Our CPCP is very hands on experience and you will start coaching from the first day of training. A good coach learns by practicing therefore we encourage you to do coaching as much as you can outside the learning environment. Many of our participants share their successes and transformation stories while they are in the program.

Is my coaching certificate recognised internationally?

Elite Certification is an ICF recognised & accredited.

Can I be a member of the ICF after enrolling your program?

Yes, you can apply directly to the ICF website to be a member

What is Coaching?
partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching is a client-driven process that’s distinct from other service professions, such as counseling, mentoring, consulting and training.

Is coaching for me?

Everyone needs a coach, someone who is qualified to listen and does not tell you what to do or not to do. A coach is someone who believe in you and your capabilities and you have the answers from within

How do I know if this program is for me?

It is very hard to not fall in love with our small group interactions. Despite of your difference & experience it is your right to be in a safe environment that gives you the space to grow and prosper therefore before the registrations we would like to have a short interview to ensure that your expectations will be met in our CPCP, in this meeting we layout your needs and evaluate what would you gain of this program. Also, you are encouraged to use your gut feeling about us and everything in life. We promise you that you will laugh, learn, grow and breakthroughs.

What can this program do for me?

Before you start changing the world, and before you start coaching others, we start with you “know yourself better” The moment of Knowing you, is the moment you go forward in life, it is a key to everything’s in life. Your presence in this program will transform your inner wishes into realties that often are not clear for you! It gives you sense of purpose indeed it is very challenging to live our lives from a logic point of you, It is very hard to order your life the way you want it, therefore throughout the learning process your level of consciousness will be elevated to empower you to allow the universe to order your life .

Where Elite’s participants come from?

All walks of life, executive, manager, HR mangers, consultant, teachers, marketer, sales, personal trainer, freelancer, IT and more…
What is the nature of Elite participants?
Positive, openminded, caring, compassionate, willing to take the next step and egger to change, and support others.

What is the advantage of taking the CPCP online?

Build your confidence as a coach in using the technology to coach any through audio or video conferences, this can apply for one on one as well as team coaching, or group facilitations.
The world become a small village for you to coach” Sky is the limit”. You are No longer limited to coach your own radius, “the world is all yours”
Leverage on your expertise to add value beside coaching
International exposure of diversity (North America, Europe and Middle East) that it gives to learn the amazing culture differences, and how coaching unites us as a human.
Environmentally friendly with less on travel Saving at least few thousands if you live outside Frankfurt

Why Elite?

Our aim for you is to learn Coaching tools & skills + focus on your needs = ignite your power.
Safe environment that you will feel protected and listened to what you are not aware of
We care for you! That means not only you will learn more about yourself and how to coach others, indeed you will start to look at life in a different lance.
No matter where you are from and what education, background we deal with you as a human being that naturally creative, and have the ability to find answers from within you and that you are complete. We will bring your awareness back to see your path and enjoy the fruits in your way forward.

How do I know that this the right step for me?

Yes, it is, since you are reached here in this page!
If you are Egger to change, grow, or have a better relationship with (yourself) , want more of life, feel uncertain about what is next, planning to go or you are in a career transition, wanted more of your team, and many other reasons …

What do I have to be in order to be part of the program?

Open minded and respect others, willing to take risk for your life, want to grow

How much time do I have to invest ?
You will be giving some reflections for your personal growth to contemplate during the week and you will share your experience in our next meetings. We want to work together to support your changes.

Will be there written exams to submit at the end?

There will be an oral exam on your coaching performance and a final project that you will have to do during the program, this “personal project” will be assigned to you after Phase 2 vision so you can start working on your goals and objectives. We want you to materialised your inner wisdom and live it accordingly.

Will I get input during the class?
Feedback & evaluations will be giving during the program so that you can grow and know about your blind spots.

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