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Elite Coaching Center’s Environment is brave while at the same time safe and supportive to provide the room for participants to become more self-aware and envision their desired lives. A space of no judgment or criticism where we all grow based on trust and authenticity…

Our Learning Style is characterised by small groups working in a family-like atmosphere. We provide quality material and focus on high-impact delivered through qualified coaches. Together with rich hands-on experience and a very interactive course, this leads participants to obtain profound results.

Elite Coaching Center’s Philosophy is grounded on realising how the Earth has become a small village… For this reason, your impact on the World can be immense! We believe in the ‘’butterfly effect’’ and we want you to think big.

Our Purpose is to qualify participants and help them make a difference in their own and in other people’s lives, enhancing satisfaction about what they do in life, whether they make their profession out of coaching or just use the learned skills for their daily work and personal lives.

Our Leaders have an international background: they come from Europe, North America, or the Middle East and are certified coaches with long-term experience in the self-development field and organisational growth.

Elite Coaching Center offers a Certified Professional Coach Program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) to qualify international participants as Life, Business, and executive Coaches.

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