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Through the CPCP you will acquire coaching skills and techniques to be applied both in your daily life and with clients, according to the ICF code of ethics. You will look at your challenges from broader perspectives and consider a wider range of choices in every aspect of life.

This course will help you work with all profiles of people and start specialising, according to your interests and talents, which can be as diverse as: organisations, senior management, business owners, health professionals and/or patients, teenagers, students, empowering women, family matters, romance and more.

Throughout the course there will be exercises, discussions, constructive feedback and real hands-on coaching.

More specifically, this course will take you to:

  • Enhance your listening skills by learning how to change the focus of your listening.
  • Develop your intuition and hear the unspoken words of your client and the knowledge of the “heart & gut”.
  • Open up to deep and real curiosity and thus become non-judgmental.
  • Be more personable.
  • Identify and take control of your emotions.
  • Never calling yourself a failure and learning from all experiences in life.
  • Coach yourself to get what you want in very simple steps.
  • Learn how to coach different people through a variety of coaching tools.
  • Get in touch with your life dreams and get coached on making them actionable.
  • Receive feedback on your live coaching in class.
  • Interact with other participants from different nationalities and backgrounds.
  • Learn all the coaching skills that will help you to create valuable coaching sessions.

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